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Tennis Tradition

My Dad introduced Ben to the sport of tennis when he was about seven. I think I was the same age when Dad put a tennis racquet in my hand.  We were never a very serious tennis family growing up, but we liked it. I played only one tournament as a kid, but I had […]

Saying Good-Bye

Good-byes are always hard.  Some people avoid saying the expression.  But the original meaning of good-bye is “God be with you.”  So as much as I hated to leave the folks I love so much behind, I said several “good-byes” during the days prior to the move.  I’ve been blessed beyond measure with precious friends, […]

If These Walls Could Speak

So we talked about moving for what seemed like an eternity, and once the school year ended, it was finally upon us.  Since I’ve been a little behind on the blog, I can’t remember if I shared all the details that surrounded the sale of our home and finding a new one.  I won’t try […]

Kindergarten Graduation

This was the first thing that caught my eye as I walked into Wesley Hall for Walt’s graduation.  And I wanted to cry. Because just the other day, I was dropping him off at preschool.   He grew up. Ms. Leigh, FUMC Preschool Director Walt calls Ms. Leigh “the principal.”  And he has loved her […]


** Before I start this post, I realize I’m about five and a half months behind.  It continues to be a recurrent theme.  Maybe I should change the name of my blog to “Living in the Past…Tales from a Mom Who’s Fallen Behind.”  Anyway, I couldn’t decide whether to start in the present and go […]

A Life Well Lived

It’s taken me some time to be able to sit and write this post. Not because I haven’t had the time. Simply because I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Writing a basic thank you note these days often brings me to tears, so I knew this one might put me over the edge. […]

Happy 49th Anniversary

Mom and Dad celebrated 49 years of marriage today. And they look just as happy now as they do in the photos from November 23, 1962. They would also be the first ones to say that each year gets better. Maybe not easier, but better. It’s been a tremendous blessing as their daughter to witness […]

Mother’s Day Treasures

It’s always a treat for me to see the treasures my children bring home from school or church in honor of Mother’s Day.  These are my favorite gifts.  Over the years I’ve saved many paintings, cut-out hearts, and hand prints of Anna Katherine and stored away countless Rubbermaid boxes full of them in the attic. […]


It appears we’ve come a long way since last year. A certain toddler is a little more at ease with Santa this year. Of course, having big brother on the other knee doesn’t hurt. A couple of weeks ago as Walt and I were shopping together at the mall (a.k.a. Mama strolling and entertaining restless […]

Little Indian

It was three years ago tonight that I tossed and turned, timing the contractions until I knew it was time to head to the hospital. Three years ago, we had just made it through the Thanksgiving weekend, and Walt’s due date was fast-approaching. That sweet little Indian in the photos above started doing a rain […]