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Decking Our New Halls

While some folks would be terribly upset with us, I will go ahead and admit that we decorated our home for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving.  That’s right.  I said it.  Knock me down.  Spit at me.  But in the spirit of thankfulness, peace, good tidings, and Christmas love, I say just embrace it.  Some like to […]

A Trip Home

I had to do some continuing education and coordinated the class around a weekend where I could meet my friend Jo Carol for some early Christmas shopping, good food, and time for catching up.  Since I was going to be just a few hours from Tupelo, and my mother-in-law had been wanting to come out […]

Nana & Uncle Grant Came to Texas

  Uncle Grant brought Nana to visit at the end of September.  It was the weekend before her birthday, so we were thrilled to be able to celebrate with her.  It was their first visit to see us in Longview since the big move.  While social media, texting, and email have allowed me to easily […]

God Bless Texas

  We’re settled in our new home.  We’ve all been under the same roof just shy of two weeks, and it’s starting to come together.  I still have a couple of boxes full of books that have no place to go.  I’m debating on whether to buy a bookshelf or just put them in the […]

If These Walls Could Speak

So we talked about moving for what seemed like an eternity, and once the school year ended, it was finally upon us.  Since I’ve been a little behind on the blog, I can’t remember if I shared all the details that surrounded the sale of our home and finding a new one.  I won’t try […]

Toothless Wonder

Walt lost his very first tooth right after New Year’s Day.  He had been wiggling it and trying to pull it out for a few days.   Finally, it was just barely hanging on.  And he’d had enough.       And then, FINALLY…   He pulled it! I’m not sure if he was more […]


November started out with the best gift…Daddy came home.  He actually surprised the kids and showed up a day earlier than expected.  And I thought for a minute Walt would hyperventilate.  With the exception of Facetime, it had been seven weeks since the kids had seen their Daddy.   He was able to stay home […]

Pumpkin Carving

I usually let Shannon handle to carving of the pumpkins.  Last year Anna Katherine took over the art work.  She basically free-handed the faces.  But with my man in Texas and AK busy with extracurriular activities, I had to put on my big girl tool belt and get with it.  Which meant I took the […]

Summer School

I thought I’d be ambitious over the summer months (or should I say weeks, since summer break gets shorter and shorter). Ben can always use additional work in math and reading, and since he was starting a new school this year, he had a little catching up to do. I was informed he would need […]

Fish Fry, Anyone?

Shannon took Ben fishing on Saturday afternoon.  When they rolled back in just before dark, they proudly displayed the following.   It appears the fish were biting.  And they caught 173 crappie for Shannon to clean.  I could just buy some rice and beans for sides dishes, and we could live on that for awhile. […]