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Catching Up…Spring & Summer 2014

Well first of all, I’m happy to announce that I actually remembered the login password for my blog.  It’s been that long. I don’t ever feel pressured about this blog, because it’s a hobby.  But when I printed the past couple of years’ posts into blog books last spring, it reminded me how much I […]

Fabulous Forty & the Flu

I was able to make a quick trip back home during mid-December to celebrate Bess’s 40th birthday with the girls.  Sadly I didn’t take any quality photos, but among the five of us, we did get a few of pics on our phones.   Brandi is the official party planner, and she did a fabulous […]

A Trip Home

I had to do some continuing education and coordinated the class around a weekend where I could meet my friend Jo Carol for some early Christmas shopping, good food, and time for catching up.  Since I was going to be just a few hours from Tupelo, and my mother-in-law had been wanting to come out […]

Saying Good-Bye

Good-byes are always hard.  Some people avoid saying the expression.  But the original meaning of good-bye is “God be with you.”  So as much as I hated to leave the folks I love so much behind, I said several “good-byes” during the days prior to the move.  I’ve been blessed beyond measure with precious friends, […]

Third Grade Zoo Field Trip

    The third graders from TCPS went to the zoo the week before school ended.  I should say “the parents took the kids to the zoo,” because basically that’s how it went down.  We signed up to take vehicles and carry children. Mindy, Kim, and I rode in my van with our kids plus […]

Sweet Sixteen

  Anna Katherine turned sixteen on April 11th.  Which means my life has drastically changed.  The photo above explains it all. While I used to have some hesitations about her driving, I soon realized, especially after this year being with the kids alone, that another driver could be handy.  And it really has been.  Of […]

Julia’s Baby Boy

Julia’s fourth baby was due May 9th, so the girls and I decided to have a little lunch in her honor with just the five of us.  This is her first boy, so we’re all pretty excited over it.  So excited that I couldn’t help myself and chose to buy one of those shiny “It’s […]

A Trip Through the Delta

  My friend Brandi is turning 40 this summer.  It just so happens that her big day is during a weekend where she will be involved with a Junior Auxiliary convention.  She doesn’t really have a choice to opt out on that one, seeing that she’s the president and all.  So, the girls and I […]

Chef of the Week

Walt’s kindergarten class had a chef each week during this school year.  Which basically meant the child, along with Mama, came up with a favorite food to prepare for and share with the class.  Walt was assigned one of the last weeks, which meant most of our favorite things had already been made.  We decided […]

Christmas Time

As always, the month of December was full of Christmas activities and events.  Since I’m catching up on the blog and actually posting this in May, I think I’ll just add a bunch of photos and let most of them speak for themselves.  I’ll add a few comments as needed.    Visting Santa   Sadly, […]