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Catching Up…Spring & Summer 2014

Well first of all, I’m happy to announce that I actually remembered the login password for my blog.  It’s been that long. I don’t ever feel pressured about this blog, because it’s a hobby.  But when I printed the past couple of years’ posts into blog books last spring, it reminded me how much I […]

Over the River and Through the Woods

The day after Christmas we loaded up the vehicle and headed to Mississippi.  And when I say we loaded up, I mean we stuffed ourselves, our dog, our luggage, and a pile of gifts into a compact SUV. We made even the Brady Bunch look more comfortable, riding on those camping trips in their 1960s […]

Fabulous Forty & the Flu

I was able to make a quick trip back home during mid-December to celebrate Bess’s 40th birthday with the girls.  Sadly I didn’t take any quality photos, but among the five of us, we did get a few of pics on our phones.   Brandi is the official party planner, and she did a fabulous […]

Fire Ant Festival

I’m not sure of the exact history behind this event, but the website states that “East Texas has long been home to one of the peskiest critters in the south…the fire ant.” So, why NOT have a festival to celebrate that?  The city of Marshall hosts this festival on the second weekend of October each […]

A Trip Home

I had to do some continuing education and coordinated the class around a weekend where I could meet my friend Jo Carol for some early Christmas shopping, good food, and time for catching up.  Since I was going to be just a few hours from Tupelo, and my mother-in-law had been wanting to come out […]

The Energizer Summer

Our summer break came to an end last week.  There for awhile, it seemed it would just keep going & going & going.  While I’m grateful we had a full month together to settle in our new place before establishing schedules, that final week seemed to drag.  When I looked back at the calendar, I […]

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We celebrated Shannon’s birthday last week and decided to surprise him with tickets to a Rangers game.  None of us have ever attended a pro baseball game, and we really don’t have ties to a certain team.  From the looks of things, if you live in this neck of the woods, you better like the […]

Saying Good-Bye

Good-byes are always hard.  Some people avoid saying the expression.  But the original meaning of good-bye is “God be with you.”  So as much as I hated to leave the folks I love so much behind, I said several “good-byes” during the days prior to the move.  I’ve been blessed beyond measure with precious friends, […]

Smith Lake

Gran and Granddad invited the kids to go to Smith Lake during the week of July 4th.  Gran and Granddad typically go each summer for a week with Shannon’s sister, Jennifer, and her family.  The boys were thrilled to join them for the week.  Anna Katherine had a commitment with youth choir (the homecoming concert) […]

Camp Nana

Our things were moved into our home in Longview on June 8th, and Shannon worked hard during the following weeks to set up his office and hire his staff.  The agent he replaced retired after over 40 years with State Farm, so it was a delicate process working out all the little details.  The business […]