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Over the River and Through the Woods

The day after Christmas we loaded up the vehicle and headed to Mississippi.  And when I say we loaded up, I mean we stuffed ourselves, our dog, our luggage, and a pile of gifts into a compact SUV. We made even the Brady Bunch look more comfortable, riding on those camping trips in their 1960s […]

Christmas in Texas

This was a year of new traditions for our family of five.  For the first time in twenty years, we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day away from extended family.  We decided we would have more time to visit if we waited until after the holiday to make the trip back to Mississippi to see […]

The Energizer Summer

Our summer break came to an end last week.  There for awhile, it seemed it would just keep going & going & going.  While I’m grateful we had a full month together to settle in our new place before establishing schedules, that final week seemed to drag.  When I looked back at the calendar, I […]

If These Walls Could Speak

So we talked about moving for what seemed like an eternity, and once the school year ended, it was finally upon us.  Since I’ve been a little behind on the blog, I can’t remember if I shared all the details that surrounded the sale of our home and finding a new one.  I won’t try […]

We’re One of Those Families

We are that family who considers our dogs part of the family.  That means birthdays are celebrated in our house for our four-legged members.  No, we don’t have balloons or a jumpy house, but we have a little sweet treat. Charlie turned 10 on March 3rd.  I’m a little sad to think he is 70 […]

Gone to the Dogs

Sometimes I think Charlie doesn’t realize his place in this house.  Or maybe he knows his place and thinks I need to leave it alone. Charlie may be a dog, but in his mind, that doesn’t put him at the bottom of the ranks.  While he’s content to sit quietly, guarding our children, watching our […]

Chasing a Deere

Charlie thinks life doesn’t get any better than this… Who needs cars to chase when Dad drives a  mini-tractor whose engine roars louder than a pit bull but is not quite as fast or mean? Best of all, Charlie tries to compete with the noise of the lawn mower, barking hysterically as he makes each […]

Once Upon A Time He Got A Weekly Bath and Wore A Bandana

There’s a sweet little canine in this house who gets minimal attention from his “people,” yet he loves us all immensely and demands very little. Just occasionally needs a bowl of food and an escort out the back door to fertilize our yard. His name is Charlie. And today is his sixth birthday. Which, of […]

My Nest Is Plenti-Full

Since the kids are out of school for THE ENTIRE WEEK, there’s been a flurry of activity around here. We decided to start doing a little Christmas decorating, which seems a little premature, seeing that Thanksgiving is still a couple days away. But sometimes we must seize opportunities when they arise. My eldest agreed to […]

So You Think You’re Having A Bad Day…