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Christmas Break Begins

So Christmas break officially started two hours ago.  Actually school gets out at 1:30 today, but the teachers “encouraged” parents to take their children home following the class Christmas parties this morning.  I remember fonder time when parties were at the end of day.  Now they have breakfast for their parties.  My middle child volunteered […]

Character Day

The first graders at Walt’s school had “Character Day” on Halloween.  It made for a good excuse to wear a costume while promoting an educational event.  At first, Walt agreed to be a baseball player.  Easy enough.  I bought a cute book that he loved about a cat who plays ball.  But then, the night […]

First Day of School 2013

The first day brought not only a new school year, but new schools and new friends in a new town for these kiddos. Anna Katherine-11th grade, Ben-4th grade, Walt-1st grade Anna Katherine drove herself to school.  She just got her license in April, so this is the first school year that she’s been able to […]

Meet the Teachers

Ben & Mrs. Wyman (4th grade) Ben will have three teachers this year.  He has Mrs. Wyman for homeroom, and she teaches language and writing.  He’ll change classes (just across the hall) for math, and then go right next door for reading.  And someone teaches science and social studies, but I can’t remember which one. […]

God Bless Texas

  We’re settled in our new home.  We’ve all been under the same roof just shy of two weeks, and it’s starting to come together.  I still have a couple of boxes full of books that have no place to go.  I’m debating on whether to buy a bookshelf or just put them in the […]

Third Grade: It Was Like The “Survivor” Reality Show, Only He Wore A Uniform

I thought we’d all jump up and down when Ben received his final report card at Awards’ Day.  If it wouldn’t have been inappropriate, I would have met him onstage and given him a high five.  We were ecstatic third grade was over!  It’s been one of his hardest years for so many reasons.  This […]

Kindergarten Graduation

This was the first thing that caught my eye as I walked into Wesley Hall for Walt’s graduation.  And I wanted to cry. Because just the other day, I was dropping him off at preschool.   He grew up. Ms. Leigh, FUMC Preschool Director Walt calls Ms. Leigh “the principal.”  And he has loved her […]

Third Grade Zoo Field Trip

    The third graders from TCPS went to the zoo the week before school ended.  I should say “the parents took the kids to the zoo,” because basically that’s how it went down.  We signed up to take vehicles and carry children. Mindy, Kim, and I rode in my van with our kids plus […]

Learning Fair

I never knew I could learn so much about a state that I really had no interest in.  But then again, that’s what a learning fair is all about.  And New Mexico, it turns out, is a very interesting state with lots of neat sights to see.  I’ve been to Santa Fe once, as a […]

Walt’s Spring Kindergarten Program

  To say the boys in the class were a little rowdy before the program began would be a huge understatement.  It would be like saying Adele can sort of sing.  I regret not taking a photo of the girls.  They were huddled on the opposite side of the classroom quietly playing.  Polar opposites.  It’s […]