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Pumpkins, Fall Fest, and Trick-or-Treating

In light of the fact that Halloween was on a Thursday this year, and the new fad on social media is TBT (throwback Thursday), I thought I should start with these. A pirate and his parrot  (2007) A princess and a frog  (2004) Last weekend the kids carved their pumpkins.  Which meant Shannon and I […]

Baseball Season 2013

  Baseball season is once again upon us.  In fact, it’s about to wind down.  It started late-April and wraps up in a couple of weeks.  And I think I’ll be ready.  Last year Ben played on an All-Star team, which practiced and played through the end of the summer.  But we won’t be doing […]

A Trip Through the Delta

  My friend Brandi is turning 40 this summer.  It just so happens that her big day is during a weekend where she will be involved with a Junior Auxiliary convention.  She doesn’t really have a choice to opt out on that one, seeing that she’s the president and all.  So, the girls and I […]

Halloween 2012

On the eve of Halloween, Walt’s Kindergarten class had their fall party and were able to give the costumes a trial run. Since Halloween fell on Wednesday this year, and Anna Katherine was busy with her youth group activities, I decided to take the boys downtown for “Trunk-or-Treating.”  Several local churches hosted the event, and […]

Fish Fry, Anyone?

Shannon took Ben fishing on Saturday afternoon.  When they rolled back in just before dark, they proudly displayed the following.   It appears the fish were biting.  And they caught 173 crappie for Shannon to clean.  I could just buy some rice and beans for sides dishes, and we could live on that for awhile. […]

It’s Like A Vacation In Our Own Backyard

When I realized we wouldn’t be going on a vacation this summer, I thought it might be nice to add a little something more substantial to the backyard than our typical sprinkler and water slide.  No, we didn’t put in a gunite pool, complete with hot tub and water fall.  But these boys think they’ve […]

Let It Snow

Last weekend we had a blizzard.  Well, not exactly.  But around these parts, it was comparable to what the folks in Minnesota would call a blizzard.  After all, our entire city basically shut down for a couple of days.  When the mall closes, it’s either really bad weather or the end of times. When the […]

Buzz & Woody Can’t Wait

The costumes arrived a couple of days ago, thanks to ebay and a couple of sellers from somewhere in the Midwest.  Buzz and Woody are both “gently used,”  which is fine by me.  ‘Cause much like new cars, our costumes tend to lose their value pretty quickly.  Especially considering the amount of time we like […]

Are You Ready For Some Football?

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day on Saturday as MSU opened their season at home against Memphis.  Fall was definitely in the air, and football fans were out in full force. Kids were out in full force, as well.  There were plenty of bouncies, slides, face painting, and various activities to keep […]

Snow Day

Our little neck-o-the woods doesn’t see snow very often, so when it started falling early last Thursday morning, the kids were beyond ecstatic. Especially Ben, since he’s prayed for snow diligently during the last month. I think all the storybooks he’s read over the Christmas break with an abundance of snowy scenes haven’t helped the […]