Monthly Archives: June 2007

It’s official…he’s 4!!!

Happy Birthday, Ben! Even though we celebrated with a party over 10 days ago, today is the real deal! However, it’s a good thing we didn’t plan to have a party today. The birthday boy has been a little under the weather today. He’s had a low grade fever and is much calmer than usual, […]

The Camper Is Home

Anna Katherine returned home today! We were all so glad to see her, and even though she was sad to leave camp, she was excited to be back home. I picked the girls up around 9:00 this morning, and we arrived at home around 2:00. Before heading out, they gave me a quick tour of […]

Lessons from a Preschooler

This morning as Ben was busy playing in his toy box, I was singing and talking to Walt, who at the moment was being a little fussy. I guess his fussing and my singing were more than Ben could take, and he impatiently turned to me with a disgruntled expression and firmly commanded, “Stop talking!!! […]

Two Thumbs Way Up for Sesame Street

This morning as I was sitting in the den feeding Walt, Ben curled up on the sofa next to us and asked to watch t.v. So, as usual, we turned it to PBS. He was hoping to catch an episode of Clifford or Caillou, but to his dismay, Sesame Street had just come on. Now […]

Campfires & Kumbaya

Today was a big day for Anna Katherine. She headed off to camp with one her very best friends, and they both couldn’t have been more excited. You see, this is their second year to attend camp together, and they’re trying out a different spot this year. Last year’s “inaugural” camp experience was much closer […]

The Fish Were Biting….And Some Little Boys Were Happy

On Tuesday evening, Nana & Pop hosted Ben’s 4th birthday party. He chose a fishing theme, and you couldn’t have picked a more perfect setting for he & his little buddies to cast their lines!!! For safety’s sake, we chose to use cane poles and crickets. (We feared allowing 8 little fellas the chance to […]

So, Let’s Give This Blog-Thing A Try!

After becoming fascinated with other folks’ blogs over the past couple of years, I thought it might be fun to give it a shot. If nothing else, it will allow me to keep in touch with all of my friends and family without feeling guilty for not calling or e-mailing regularly. I’ve always loved journaling, […]