Monthly Archives: January 2008

Crock-Pot Wednesday #18

Pork Chops and Potatoes 6 red potatoes, sliced1 onion, sliced4 thick-cut, boneless pork chops2 cans cream of mushroom soup salt & pepper (to taste) Place potato slices in bottom of crock-pot. Next add onion slices. Place pork chops on top, and sprinkle with salt & pepper. Pour soup over the pork chops. Cover and cook […]

For Kelli

It’s interesting where the blogosphere will lead a person in just a few short days. Exactly one week ago, I shared about a friend who selflessly surrendered to God’s calling and donated an organ to a man in her church. I received an e-mail from Kelli just a couple of days later. Kelli, too, is […]

MSU…Basketball and Beauty

Today’s been a fabulous day for a number of reasons. Since we had a little ice storm yesterday evening (emphasis on “little”), I decided it was a good excuse to stay in my pajamas all day today. Because, after all, I’d hate to try to get out of the house after an “ice storm.” Never […]

Not Today

I’m skipping my traditional “Crock-Pot Wednesday” post today. No, I didn’t forget to make something. I recently had a request for a slow cooker meatloaf recipe, so I did a little research. I never knew there were so many meatloaves out there. And I’d honestly never thought about making such a thing in the crock-pot. […]

A Gift of Life

A couple of months ago, Shannon and I attended a worship service that was truly unlike anything I’d ever experienced. It was a Sunday morning, and we were visiting a new church in our community. We’d attended on several occasions, and we found ourselves drawn to this group of people. They are not only a […]

The Computer Crash of ’08

Last week one morning as I casually strolled past my laptop in the dining room, I noticed an unusual message across the screen. It informed me that there were no files on the hard drive. Of course, I just assumed this was some mistake, so I “re-booted” the system. As soon as the computer came […]

Crock-Pot Wednesday #17

I found this one as I was thumbing through this month’s Southern Living. I’m especially excited to try it with my family, because, unlike most of my cooking, it’s actually healthy. I’ve had several friends ask me about low-fat recipes, and while I do realize they are available, I avoid them. Why? Because I love […]

A Pageant Or Sporting Event….It’s Really One In The Same

Last Thursday I received a call from the mother of Anna Katherine’s good friend, Jordan. She wondered if Anna K. could spend the night over the weekend and go to the local beauty pageant. Oh, that sounded like fun. Could I go? (I kid, but seriously, I would have totally enjoyed myself. I do love […]

Lip Smackin’ Good

Shannon loves to make pancakes for the kids on Saturday mornings. Just a few weeks ago, Walt was introduced to these carb-loaded delicacies. He can’t seem to shovel the bites into his little mouth fast enough. Listen carefully, and you’ll hear some serious smacking going on. One word of caution for Walt: Always remove fingers […]

Crock-Pot Wednesday #16

I found this one in my new Southern Living 2007 Annual Recipes cookbook. (Since the year Shannon & I married, Mom & Dad have given me this annual collection of recipes each year at Christmas. I now own 14 years worth of S.L. recipes, and that makes me one happy gal!!!) This recipe was originally […]