Monthly Archives: March 2008

When The Moon Hits Your Eye

I recently experienced one of my proudest moments as a parent. I opened Ben’s backpack to find a note from his Pre-K teacher. She kindly informed me that Ben was frequently exposing “body parts that need to remain covered.” She went on to say that Ben was having a difficult time “making good choices.” (That’s […]

Crock-Pot Wednesday # 24

Maple Barbecue Chicken 1 cup ketchup1/2 cup maple flavored syrup2 tablespoons prepared mustard2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce2 teaspoons lemon juice1/2 teaspoon chili powder1/4 teaspoon garlic powder4 boneless, skinned chicken breasts Place chicken breasts in crock pot. Mix all other ingredients and pour over chicken. Cook on low for about 7 to 8 hours or until chicken […]

Easter 2008

It’s so good to be back! Well, okay, I haven’t actually been anywhere, but I feel like I’ve totally neglected the blog. However, I guess it’s better to neglect a hobby rather than my family and my job. Sometimes, sadly, the blog must take a backseat. My last post was on Good Friday, and thankfully, […]

It’s Friday, But Sunday’s Coming!

Crock-Pot Wednesday #23

I have a confession to make. In the entire history of the Crock-Pot Wednesday, I’ve never forgotten to prepare my planned meal. (Well, okay, there was the one incident where the handy appliance wasn’t plugged into an electrical outlet, but that doesn’t count. ‘Cause technically I did prepare it.) Anyway, today as I was standing […]

Spring Break 2008

Since the kids were out of school for Spring Break last week, I decided it would only be fair if I took a few days off from the blog. ‘Cause if they’re not having to worry about grammatical errors and proper punctuation, why should I? So, to recap the week…Anna K. went to visit Gran […]

Fourteen Years

Since today is our 14th wedding anniversary, I chose to celebrate by NOT preparing anything in the crock-pot. However, I don’t want to disappoint the two of you who actually have grown fond of Crock-Pot Wednesday, so here’s something that looks oh-so-yummy and easy, too! (It’s CANDY! And it’s CHOCOLATE! So basically, you can’t go […]

The Artist

Last week I mentioned Anna Katherine had received an award in a poetry contest. Just a couple of days later, she brought this hardcover book home from school. It’s a collection of writings from all of the students in her 5th grade class. The students were asked to write about people who have inspired them. […]

Winter Wonderland

Early this morning I felt a little hand tapping on my shoulder, waking me from my peaceful slumber. I rolled over to see a sleepy little face with a delightful grin. Ben whispered excitedly, “Mama, it snowed!” Yes, we actually got some snow. Real, white, fluffy snow! (Last time I remember our area receiving any […]

Crock-Pot Wednesday #22

This week I decided to get a little wild and crazy…so get out your chopsticks, my friends. Let’s slow-cook some oriental cuisine. Who needs a wok when you’ve got the Crock-Pot?! Chinese-Style Chicken and Vegetables 1 to 1 1/2 pounds chicken breast tenders, boneless2 cups coarsely chopped cabbage1 medium onion, cut in large chunks1 medium […]