Monthly Archives: April 2008

Home Again

Although it was sad saying goodbye to this beautiful scene, we had 3 wonderful reasons to return home.(Yes, this photo is about 10 months old. Trying to get a shot of the three of them tonight was akin to taking the photo for our yearly Christmas card. I started to break out in hives and […]

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, Unless A Beach Is Involved

It’s tough saying good-bye to the kids for a few days, but not so tough that I would choose to stay home. Not this time, anyway. Shannon and I very rarely get away without the children, and as much as we love them to pieces, we are certainly due for a few days of R […]

HGTV Obviously Didn’t Seek My Advice In Scheduling

A few folks have been asking about the upcoming airing of my brother’s appearance on Designers’ Challenge . I previously posted about the scheduled airing on April 22nd. Without my knowledge, the higher powers at HGTV made some changes in their schedule for tomorrow. Anyway, looks like Grant’s episode will run on May 28th at […]

Last Time I Played This Game, I Was Wearing Knickers and Penny Loafers

I’ve been “tagged” by my blogger friend, Amy, so now I’m “it.” She actually tagged me about a week ago, and I’m just now getting around to playing. Good thing this isn’t the old-fashioned game of tag I used to play as a kid. I’d be roaming around in the dark, by this point, with […]

He Speaks My Love Language

Anyone who knows me well can testify that I’m not a “morning person.” Even though I usually burn the midnight oil, life doesn’t often allow me the luxury of sleeping late. Therefore, in order to make myself tolerable to others, I rely heavily on the caffeine to give me a jump-start. As much as I […]

Crock-Pot Wednesday #26

Since Spring weather is finally here, and Summer is right around the corner, I’m planning to take a hiatus from Crock-Pot Wednesday. First of all, I don’t do quite as much “heavy” cooking in the warmer months of the year. There are a variety reasons why, including the fact that I must expose myself in […]

Attention. Present Bibles.

Can you find any book in the Bible within 10 seconds? Can you rattle off 25 verses from memory (with their references)? If you said “yes,” chances are, you’ve been a participant in Bible Drill at some point in your lifetime. Anna Katherine and my niece, Reagan, have been working diligently over the past ten […]

Happy 11th, Anna Katherine!!!

I can’t believe our firstborn baby turned 11 today. I know it was just the other day I was holding that little 5 lb. 15 oz. bundle in my arms, and now she stands only a head shorter than me. Anna Katherine thought it was pretty neat that she’s turning ELEVEN on the ELEVENTH and […]

Update on "Pop"

I’ve had several folks over the last few days ask about my Dad (a.k.a. “Pop”), so I thought it was high-time for an update. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he had returned to Bethesda for a multitude of tests and scans. Praise the Lord, the scans were, in the words of the […]

Home Decorating Made Easy

This past weekend Anna Katherine and Ben attended a neighbor’s birthday party at our local skating rink. Since Ben doesn’t skate, he spent most of the time playing air hockey and various arcade games. Anna Katherine skated and played the hokey pokey until she hurt. (‘Cause “that’s what it’s all about.”) They both came home […]