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Hot-Off-The-Grill Wednesday #10

My friend Julia gave me a new cookbook for Christmas last year, and I’ve already enjoyed it immensely. If you are a fan of Mississippi Magazine and its recipes, then you’ll also enjoy At the Table, since it contains a collection of readers’ favorite recipes over the past 25 years. Tonight we’re having grilled chicken, […]

Rocky Top: Part One

When Anna Katherine was away at camp two weeks ago, I realized our summer vacation was quickly fading away. In fact, my kids will head back to school a week from Friday. (I won’t even get started on the fact that my middle child starts Kindergarten. That’s another day and another post entirely.) Since we […]

Good ‘Ole Rocky Top

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a chance to visit West Tennessee and East Tennessee. First, I traveled with my Mom, Ben, and Walt to visit family on the west side of the state. Then Shannon and I took Anna K. and Ben to East Tennessee with our friends, Brent & Shae (and […]

Hot-Off-The-Grill Wednesday #9

If you live in the Southeast and love to cook, then you probably have a copy of Southern Sideboards in your kitchen. If you don’t own it, then you should. It’s one of my favorite cookbooks. It was given to me as a wedding gift by my eleventh-grade English teacher. In the front cover, she […]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The blog had to take a backseat the past few days. I was out of town a couple of days at the end of last week. (I plan to tell more about that trip once I finally get my photos uploaded.) Upon returning home, we had a fast and furious weekend of steady activity. But […]

No One Told Me Potty Training Would Be This Exhausting

If Walt could really talk, I believe he’d say, “Forget this. Get my diaper, woman!” And should any of you think we are overachievers, think again. Walt has had this little potty for at least six weeks. And not a single drop of anything has been deposited in that tiny bowl. Well, unless you count […]

Hot-Off-The-Grill Wednesday #8

If you’re looking for a colorful, summer side-dish, and you happen to have a garden full of fresh Roma tomatoes, then you’ll love this one. And even if you don’t have a garden, or if, like me, you didn’t have a successful crop of tomatoes this year, you can purchase some lovely Romas and still […]

Campin’ Cousins

Anna Katherine headed off to camp again yesterday. She spent a week in June with one of her best buddies at a camp four hours away. This camp is just an hour from our home, and it has a very special place in my heart. I not only went as a child, but I served […]

Obviously Our Dog Has A Greater Influence On The Kids Than I Realized

I Usually Avoid Politics, But Look Who I Bumped Into While In D.C.