Monthly Archives: October 2008

Toothless Wonder…Round Two

Today I received a call from Ben’s teacher. Normally this would make my blood pressure immediately rise to an unsafe range, but she was quick to let me know she was just calling because Ben had something special he needed to tell me. (How sweet of Mrs. C to let him call his Mama!!! We […]

Repeat Wednesday

Tonight I made a crock pot recipe that I shared with you on the blog about fourteen months ago. Hope you don’t mind that I’m having a little “recipe rerun” this week. Since a few of you may not have been around back then, you can find it here. It’s called Beef Hoagies, and this […]

Photos From Orlando: Part 1 (The Convention)

That sweet man in the photo above is the reason we were able to go on our divine family vacation to Disney a couple of weeks ago. While presiding over a business convention, Dad made certain we were all well-entertained. Along with making our way to all of the theme parks, we also had a […]

He Lost His First Tooth. Literally.

Ben will hopefully get his first visit from the tooth fairy tonight. That is if the fairy accepts paper instead of enamel. The little guy’s bottom front tooth has been loose for weeks now, and today it obviously just fell out without his knowledge. He smiled at me shortly after we finished lunch this afternoon, […]

Yearbook Pictures

Both of my boys had school pictures this week. Fortunately they weren’t scheduled on the same day, or that would have sent me over the edge. Pictures always stress me just a bit. Ben was thrilled yesterday at the opportunity to wear his “dress clothes” to school (a.k.a. khakis and button-up shirt). He practiced the […]

Crock-Pot Wednesday #31

Well, it appears that you can now cook a crock-pot meal for everyday of the month. Count them. Thirty-one crock-pot recipes. I can imagine your delight. Actually, if you do a little web surfing, you’ll find that you could cook every single meal, including dessert, in your handy slow cooker. I’m not sure I’d recommend […]

Well, Hello, Blog

Our trip to Disney was even more fun than I could have imagined. We filled every single minute with some kind of theme park or convention-related activity, so there was not one moment of boredom. In fact, in just five days, we covered a total of five parks and attended four “functions.” And we even […]

A Little Blog Break

I realize I’ve neglected the blog (and the two or three of you who read it) over the past week. However, we are preparing to leave for a little trip and have more to do than I actually realized. In just two more days, we’ll be joining my entire family for a week-long vacation. Technically, […]

Pumpkin’ Pickin’

Crock-Pot Wednesday #30

This comes from my dear friend, Neva. She is a fantastic cook, and she included this recipe in our church cookbook. She also brought this meal to us several years ago after I was recovering from a surgery, and it was a hit with the family. you can serve these sandwiches with a small cup […]