Monthly Archives: March 2009

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone

Our annual trip to the beach involved only the girls this year, since some of the husbands had prior commitments with work. As I began planning my wardrobe for the trip, which I had hoped would include mainly swimsuits, I realized the weather forecast wasn’t looking favorable for beachwear. (Not to mention that my pasty, […]

These Boots Were Made For "Walt"ing

The littlest guy in our house has developed a love for some boots. Doesn’t matter what style or even what size. They may be his Daddy’s or his big brother’s, but if he finds a pair, he’s putting them on his feet. And if we’d let him, he’d be plenty happy to just sleep in […]

Procrastination Sometimes Pays Off

Shannon took the kids to visit his folks for a few days, and I’ve never experienced such an overwhelming sense of peace and quiet. Well, at least not since 1997. Seriously, I’m missing them all like crazy and can’t wait for them to come home. But these days have been wonderful for me to play […]

Fifteen Years

Happy Anniversary, Shannon! I love you!

Crock-Pot Wednesday #43

I’m not exactly sure where this past week went, but I think Daylight Savings Time is totally to blame for my failure to blog. I still haven’t recovered from that lost hour of sleep. Due to a change in our church schedule for tonight, and since Ben has a soccer game tomorrow night, I’m going […]

Crock-Pot Wednesday #42

I’ve had fun flipping through some old annual recipe books from Southern Living lately, and I came across this one in the 2000 edition this week. I’ve never tried this Northern version of the chili, and I must admit I had some reservations in making it. I’ll let you know what my family thinks after […]

Once Upon A Time He Got A Weekly Bath and Wore A Bandana

There’s a sweet little canine in this house who gets minimal attention from his “people,” yet he loves us all immensely and demands very little. Just occasionally needs a bowl of food and an escort out the back door to fertilize our yard. His name is Charlie. And today is his sixth birthday. Which, of […]

The Princess Diaries

This past weekend was full of festivities for Anna Katherine. I didn’t realize sixth graders could manage such a social agenda. But I’m glad she’s had fun in the mix of it all. And what impresses me the most is that while she looks lovely in a dress and heels, she can dribble a basketball, […]