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I can totally relate to the photo above. And just like those weary little boys, the blog has taken a backseat (and a nap) over the last week. Recently a friend of mine commented that the end of the school year was almost as busy as the month of December. She was so right. This […]

Baby Stellan

This adorable, little guy needs your prayers in a big way today. In fact, his entire family and his medical team and surgeons could use your prayers as well. (Speaking of his family…Stellan’s Mom is with him in Boston while his Dad is back home with his three siblings, the oldest being a four-year-old.) I […]

Bible Drill

Today Anna Katherine competed in the State Bible Drill. If that last sentence doesn’t ring a bell to you, then you likely didn’t grow up Baptist. ‘Cause if you did, chances are you probably participated in Bible Drill at some point in your childhood. Oh, the memories. And I hate to admit, but they aren’t […]


(Note that the littlest person in the family did not want to take part in the sibling photo above. He chose, instead, to follow a bumblebee around the yard. Since he is the third child, I did not choose to make an issue of this. Instead, we pretended Anna Katherine and Ben were siblings and […]

Happy Birthday, Anna Katherine!

Anna Katherine had a big week and got one of her presents a couple of days early… BRACES!!!! Okay, so that’s really not much of a gift, but it’s definitely an investment. Right now she’s wishing she had a pair of pliers to remove the pesky brackets and wires. For her “real” gift, she received […]

Crock-Pot Wednesday #44

Crock-Pot Chicken Supreme 3 slices bacon6 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves10 oz. can condensed cream of chicken soup OR 10 oz. jar four cheese Alfredo sauce1/2 c. water4 oz. jar sliced mushrooms, drained1/2 c. chopped onion1/2 cup diced Swiss or Havarti cheesesalt (to taste)garlic powder (to taste) Preparation:In large skillet, cook bacon until crisp. Remove […]

It Could Happen To You

Many of you probably received this funny email that circulated a few months ago about the cake ordered for a going-away party. I remember seeing that photo, laughing ’til I hurt, and then being thankful it hadn’t happened to me. I was obviously counting my blessings prematurely. You see, this past weekend we had Anna […]

I’ve Never Been So Happy To See Dirt

Look what just arrived at our house a few moments ago… I know two little boys who are going to be ecstatic. And I have a feeling a few neighborhood fellows will be joining us for some serious digging in the coming days. This sand pile has become a spring tradition at our home. Sadly, […]

A Re-Entry Phase Would Be Nice

Coming back to the “real world” following the trip with the girls last week was exactly as expected. I was so glad to be hugging on the kiddos again, and as always, happy to be back in my own bed. (I know. I’m old.) But the laundry, errands, and running in a million different directions […]