Monthly Archives: September 2009

It’s Tough Being The Little Guy

Sometimes being the baby of the family has its advantages. Walt is probably given some extra slack that the other two weren’t. Probably because I’m just tired. Or lazy. Or both. But occasionally there are moments where the little man feels left out. It’s just part of being the youngest. I remember the feeling. I […]

A Very Happy & Grateful Update

Mom came home from the hospital on Thursday, and I had fully planned on being her caregiver for a few days. However, due to her independent nature, my services weren’t needed. In fact, I actually took a little nap on her sofa while staying with her that first afternoon upon her return home. (We’d both […]

More Than A Conqueror

For the past week, I’ve made plans to write about something of great significance in my family’s life on the blog. However, I just couldn’t seem to find the words. And if you know me very well, words typically never fail me. It’s rare that I am completely speechless. Or I guess in this case, […]