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Christmas Recap ’09: Part 2 (All In The Family)

After a couple of busy weeks the first half of the month, we were all ready to settle down to enjoy Christmas. Who wants to watch The Polar Express???This was actually a common scene in our home at night, all of us piled in a heap on the couch or the floor. Nothing brings a […]

Christmas Recap ’09: Part 1 (The Pre-Christmas Festivities)

I really don’t even know where to begin. Especially since I missed about two weeks of blogging right smack in mid-December. There was a week in there that was so busy, I’m sure I used the crock-pot a time or two, but I couldn’t begin to tell you what was in it. I may have […]

From Our Family To Yours

A Little Holiday Baking

Anna Katherine and I had some time alone the other evening and decided we’d attempt to make Pioneer Woman’s Christmas Cookies. I never intend to leave one of my children out of a fun, festive activity. But considering this recipe calls for some fairly extensive detail in the decorating department, I opted to just let […]


It appears we’ve come a long way since last year. A certain toddler is a little more at ease with Santa this year. Of course, having big brother on the other knee doesn’t hurt. A couple of weeks ago as Walt and I were shopping together at the mall (a.k.a. Mama strolling and entertaining restless […]

God Bless The Moon

Over the past year, our youngest child has started a habit that has been anything but fun for his Mama. He began waking up, ready to start the day, at FIVE A.M., shortly after his second birthday. It was odd, because until we’d moved him into his “big boy bed,” he had been a late […]