Monthly Archives: April 2010

A Successful Day


What A Catch

Ben worked with all his might to reel this one in last week, and when I realized he was struggling to get it out of the water, I decided to use my very limited fishing skills to assist. Basically, once I determined I couldn’t reel it in all the way, I just helped him sling […]

We Have A Teenager

Happy Birthday, Anna Katherine! Today we celebrated by having our family over for lunch after church. It seems as though we’ve been celebrating for days now, since we had the party last weekend. For a number of reasons, it’s difficult to comprehend I have a teenager. I was reading Leigh Ann’s blog about her daughter’s […]

Easter 2010

After a weekend full of festivities, most of which didn’t include a whole lot of bunnies and egg hunting, we awoke bright and early Sunday morning to celebrate Easter. It was a gorgeous weekend, and since the kids were out of school Thursday and Friday last week, Shannon took the boys to the cabin early […]

We’re Coming Out of Hibernation

I believe I was meant to be a bear. The idea of curling up for a long, long winter nap and waking just in time for the change of seasons sounds like a mighty fine idea. Of course, I’d miss those nights sitting by warm fires eating bowls of piping hot chicken noodle soup from […]