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Anna Katherine and I are leaving in just a couple of hours to head to New York City. For the past several months, Anna Katherine, along with 58 other youth in our church, have been diligently preparing for their 2010 choir tour/mission trip. Each year our minister of music prays over locations in which this […]

Summer School

I decided shortly before the end of May that it might be beneficial for Ben to have some tutoring over the summer break. As much as I would love to be the model Mama and sit with him each day to review his math, reading, and handwriting skills, I also admit I have limitations. Limitations […]

Summer Just Wouldn’t Be Complete Without It

Going away to camp with a great friend… The lake… Swimming at the neighbor’s pool…(Our days of swimming are numbered. Their house just sold!) Swimming lessons… (Whew! This stuff is exhausting!) “The Fountain”… Slip-n-Slide…

Jr. High Dance

Seriously? Is seventh grade over? She just started junior high school and now it’s at the half-way point. Which technically means in another year she’ll be ready to start….I can’t even say it. Last week some of the parents of the seventh and eight graders hosted a jr. high end-of-the-year dance. The kids seemed to […]

Good-Bye, Two-Year-Old Preschool

Walt had his final day in the 2-year-old preschool class last week. He was sad to tell Mrs. Toni good-bye, but their class had a fun day in the sun playing water games outside and enjoying a picnic on their last day together. I worked that day and wasn’t able to take any class pics, […]

Author’s Tea

All of the kindergarten classes at Ben’s school participated in an “Author’s Tea” during the final week of school. Each child wrote and illustrated his own book and shared it with friends and family at a tea, which had a very festive, summertime theme (as evident above). Ben proudly displayed his artwork and writing for […]

Tennis Time

First Tournament….Cleveland Country Club (May 21-23, 2010)Anna Katherine started playing on the tennis team at school this spring. She actually began showing some interest in tennis when she was about five, and although she took a few sporadic lessons, we never really pursued it as a serious sport. Like her Mama, she enjoys trying a […]