Monthly Archives: July 2010

Chasing a Deere

Charlie thinks life doesn’t get any better than this… Who needs cars to chase when Dad drives a  mini-tractor whose engine roars louder than a pit bull but is not quite as fast or mean? Best of all, Charlie tries to compete with the noise of the lawn mower, barking hysterically as he makes each […]


Ben is learning the hard way that it’s best to keep the spinner bait in the tackle box until fishing time.   He had a little mishap with the hook while playing with the bait, and the entire neighborhood heard the screams.  (I was at Bunko, so I missed all the action.  I caught up […]

It Almost Feels Like Home

Welcome to my new blog site…it’s going to take a little time to get things just right, and of course, it won’t ever be perfect!  But it will be my new home for the blog, and I’m already having fun trading spaces from my blogger account to wordpress.  I must say, I love the features […]

The City That Never Sleeps

After Wednesday’s VBS, we literally raced to the subway, ran into the hotel, and changed/showered in record time. I should say the girls all sponge-bathed and I showered. They were much more concerned about their clothes, make-up, and hair. I was concerned about the coating of NYC grunge I’d received since my early wake-up call. […]

VBS at East Harlem

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons, after leaving our morning ministries, we grabbed some lunch and took the subway uptown to Harlem. We were divided into three groups where we served in three different apartment complexes, all within walking distance of each other. Our group was excited to greet 25 children at our site on […]

Morning Ministries

Our family group was assigned to go to the Holy Apostle’s Soup Kitchen on Monday morning. The other groups were sent to other sites, including clothing distribution centers and homeless shelters, covering all parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn and even the boardwalk of Coney Island. The soup kitchen was located in a beautiful church in midtown […]

Trains, No Planes, and Automobiles

We started the choir tour/mission trip by gathering at our church and loading a couple of charter buses. About 59 youth and 30 adults traveled 2 1/2 hours away to the closest Amtrak station. Let’s just say the train station was an experience in itself, as the waiting area couldn’t have been more than 200 […]

Seven Years Old

Ben celebrated his 7th birthday while I was away, and although I was sad to be apart for the occasion, it appears he wasn’t scarred for life. He had a big time spending a week at Smith Lake with Gran and Granddad, along with his aunt & uncle and several cousins. I was thrilled to […]

There’s No Place Like Home

The last day we were in New York, I leaned over to a friend and fellow-chaperone walking beside me on 42nd Street, and asked, “How long have we been here? A month?” Later that evening on the subway ride back to the hotel, our minister of music jokingly announced that it had been a great […]