Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Big 4-0

Happy Birthday, Shannon!  Today is a monumental day for you…because today, you said good-bye to the thirty-somethings.  The wonder years are behind you.  Now you can look forward to the joys of waking with a few extra creaks in your joints and wondering why it feels like you never really went to sleep.  You will […]

Lost & Found

Walt’s favorite “blankie” went missing for almost a week.  Although I initially feared the worst, he survived the week with minimal withdrawals.  It helped that we had a backup blanket.  Not exactly like the one he holds near and dear, but it did the job for bedtime. I realized this was probably a blessing in […]

First Day of School

We went to Open House on Tuesday night at Ben’s school.  His new First Grade teacher, Mrs. Bates, was very sweet and Ben is excited to be in her room this year.  She gave each child a list of instructions to follow, which included choosing a cubby for the year and then completing an assignment. […]