Monthly Archives: October 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Walt’s class went on a little field trip last week, and I had the joy of tagging along.  My friend, Julia, drove her van full of four little ones strapped in their car seats. Julia Fair and Anna Kees rode in the backseat.   Walt and his good buddy, Grisham, rode in the middle. The […]

Nana’s Birthday

Our family celebrated my Mom’s birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I realize I’m late (as usual) getting my photos on the blog. Nana’s birthday happened to fall on a day when the oldest two grandkids had a mandatory chorus performance at a school fundraiser (and their moms had to be in attendance to serve […]

Buzz & Woody Can’t Wait

The costumes arrived a couple of days ago, thanks to ebay and a couple of sellers from somewhere in the Midwest.  Buzz and Woody are both “gently used,”  which is fine by me.  ‘Cause much like new cars, our costumes tend to lose their value pretty quickly.  Especially considering the amount of time we like […]

See You at the Pole

I’m terribly behind with a variety of posts, several of which I’ve started and have filed away in my “draft” box.  One of these days I’ll get them all finished and officially on the blog.  Today is the first day I’ve actually been at home in quite awhile, so I’m looking forward to a day […]