Monthly Archives: November 2010


My baby is four today.  (Sigh.)  Somebody stop the clock, please. Walt has had a full week of birthday festivities, beginning last Friday before the kids officially began their week of Fall Break.  We celebrated with a Toy Story-Themed party (emphasis on Buzz Light Year).  Thankfully our church is gracious to allow members to utilize […]

Christmas Traditions

A couple of weeks ago, our Women’s Ministry hosted an event at our church that has been a tradition now for several years.  It’s called the “Christmas Traditions Brunch,” and it involves not only a host of ladies behind the scenes organizing, planning, and preparing, but also 40 plus ladies who volunteer their talent, time, […]


I went back and forth attempting to come up with a catchy title for this post.  Unfortunately, since it will consist of about four weeks of activities and an abundance of random thoughts, I decided “October’ would be appropriate.  After all, that’s how frequently I’m on the blog these days…monthly.   Can I really do […]