Monthly Archives: January 2011

Happy Birthday, Pop

A friend stopped me at church yesterday to see if my Dad was alright.  She wondered if he’d had some type of eye surgery.  Yes, I explained he had cataract surgery the previous week and was doing just fine.  She chuckled, explaining that somehow the news of Pop’s surgery was distorted at Walt’s preschool.  Her […]

Let It Snow

Last weekend we had a blizzard.  Well, not exactly.  But around these parts, it was comparable to what the folks in Minnesota would call a blizzard.  After all, our entire city basically shut down for a couple of days.  When the mall closes, it’s either really bad weather or the end of times. When the […]

The Twelve Days Before Christmas

It’s been a glorious week in our home.  Quiet, still, and peaceful.  Peace on Earth and good will toward men…that’s really all I wanted for Christmas.  And like one of my friends said, this past week for me has been better than any gift wrapped under a tree. Gran and Granddad came by on Christmas […]