Monthly Archives: April 2011

End of the Season

Soccer season is behind us. The “Force” was a fierce little team.  And they made great improvement over the past few games, learning to actually pass the ball to fellow players as opposed to ball-hogging.  They also eventually realized it’s beneficial to keep the ball in the middle of the field instead of plowing it […]

Good-Bye Training Wheels

My littlest man decided last week he was ready to lose the training wheels.  He caught me in a weak moment on a gorgeous day while playing outside, and before I knew what hit me, I’d found Shannon’s set of wrenches and removed the tiny set of wheels.  Only my third child could cause such […]


Our oldest celebrated her birthday earlier this week.  And while I’m happy that she’s moving through these early teenage years with minimal drama, it makes me cringe to think she will be driving a car in two years.  And going to college in four. Because I seriously feel like it was just last week when […]

Gone to the Dogs

Sometimes I think Charlie doesn’t realize his place in this house.  Or maybe he knows his place and thinks I need to leave it alone. Charlie may be a dog, but in his mind, that doesn’t put him at the bottom of the ranks.  While he’s content to sit quietly, guarding our children, watching our […]

Just Like Daddy

Shannon walked outside earlier today to find Walt doing a little “oil change” on his Fisher Price Power Wheels.  He found his Daddy’s portable ramps in the garage, perfectly aligned them, drove the 4-wheeler up, and then went to work.  We may have to check with the folks at Meineke to see if they need […]