Monthly Archives: May 2011

Mother’s Day Treasures

It’s always a treat for me to see the treasures my children bring home from school or church in honor of Mother’s Day.  These are my favorite gifts.  Over the years I’ve saved many paintings, cut-out hearts, and hand prints of Anna Katherine and stored away countless Rubbermaid boxes full of them in the attic. […]


It’s strange to be writing an Easter post two weeks after the fact.  But then again, we should celebrate Easter everyday, right?  So, I’ll go ahead and post all my photos.  Naturally, these will include an abundance of the worldly eggs and baskets and spring outfits, exactly the things that are the “fun” of spring, […]


It’s officially the end of the tennis season for the high school, although tennis will be in “full swing” for the summer as far as clinics, camps, and tournaments go.  Just thought I’d post a few photos of Anna Katherine’s matches from this spring and from her “Meet the Wave” event (where the team was […]

The Bumblebee

Walt’s spring program at preschool was several weeks ago, but since I’m way behind blogging, I’m going in order of events. So the Bumblebees and Flowers are up next in the line-up. His class was adorable, as always.  They are truly the sweetest group of kids.  I wish we could keep them together until they […]


Anna Katherine performed in her middle school’s show choir this year.  (The name of the group is Splash.) The seventh and eighth grade girls (and three boys) did a fabulous job entertaining the audiences during all three stage performances.  They also had the opportunity to perform at Ben’s school last week, so he was thrilled. […]