Monthly Archives: July 2011

It’s Like A Vacation In Our Own Backyard

When I realized we wouldn’t be going on a vacation this summer, I thought it might be nice to add a little something more substantial to the backyard than our typical sprinkler and water slide.  No, we didn’t put in a gunite pool, complete with hot tub and water fall.  But these boys think they’ve […]

Independence Day

We celebrated the Fourth with our extended family in West Tennessee.  I like to call it “God’s Country,” ’cause all of my Mama’s family live on beautiful farmland.  Their homes are surrounded by acres of green pastures, corn fields, bean fields, and hay fields.  My boys love to see a combine approaching as we make […]

Choir Tour / Mission Trip 2011

Anna Katherine left last week for a nine-day trip with our church’s youth choir for a mission trip / choir tour to Hawaii.  (I know. Bless their hearts.)  Believe it, or not, they aren’t lounging on a beach.  They will have one morning to snorkel and enjoy a little beach time, but most of their […]


I realize I’m doing a pitiful job keeping up on the blog.  But I thought I’d just start with one of the most recent, and most important events, and then work my way back in time to play catch-up.  Of course, by then I’ll be another two months behind.  Thankfully the vast world of technology […]