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Third Grade: It Was Like The “Survivor” Reality Show, Only He Wore A Uniform

I thought we’d all jump up and down when Ben received his final report card at Awards’ Day.  If it wouldn’t have been inappropriate, I would have met him onstage and given him a high five.  We were ecstatic third grade was over!  It’s been one of his hardest years for so many reasons.  This […]

Kindergarten Graduation

This was the first thing that caught my eye as I walked into Wesley Hall for Walt’s graduation.  And I wanted to cry. Because just the other day, I was dropping him off at preschool.   He grew up. Ms. Leigh, FUMC Preschool Director Walt calls Ms. Leigh “the principal.”  And he has loved her […]

Third Grade Zoo Field Trip

    The third graders from TCPS went to the zoo the week before school ended.  I should say “the parents took the kids to the zoo,” because basically that’s how it went down.  We signed up to take vehicles and carry children. Mindy, Kim, and I rode in my van with our kids plus […]

Baseball Season 2013

  Baseball season is once again upon us.  In fact, it’s about to wind down.  It started late-April and wraps up in a couple of weeks.  And I think I’ll be ready.  Last year Ben played on an All-Star team, which practiced and played through the end of the summer.  But we won’t be doing […]

Learning Fair

I never knew I could learn so much about a state that I really had no interest in.  But then again, that’s what a learning fair is all about.  And New Mexico, it turns out, is a very interesting state with lots of neat sights to see.  I’ve been to Santa Fe once, as a […]

Walt’s Spring Kindergarten Program

  To say the boys in the class were a little rowdy before the program began would be a huge understatement.  It would be like saying Adele can sort of sing.  I regret not taking a photo of the girls.  They were huddled on the opposite side of the classroom quietly playing.  Polar opposites.  It’s […]

Sweet Sixteen

  Anna Katherine turned sixteen on April 11th.  Which means my life has drastically changed.  The photo above explains it all. While I used to have some hesitations about her driving, I soon realized, especially after this year being with the kids alone, that another driver could be handy.  And it really has been.  Of […]

Julia’s Baby Boy

Julia’s fourth baby was due May 9th, so the girls and I decided to have a little lunch in her honor with just the five of us.  This is her first boy, so we’re all pretty excited over it.  So excited that I couldn’t help myself and chose to buy one of those shiny “It’s […]


  The boys took their egg-dying seriously this year, attempting the half-and-half technique on some.  You know, half yellow, half green.  They’ve stepped it up a notch.  They were also much neater this year, which was a pleasant surprise for me. Walt had his Easter party at school on Thursday before being out for Good […]

A Trip Through the Delta

  My friend Brandi is turning 40 this summer.  It just so happens that her big day is during a weekend where she will be involved with a Junior Auxiliary convention.  She doesn’t really have a choice to opt out on that one, seeing that she’s the president and all.  So, the girls and I […]