Monthly Archives: September 2013

First Day of School 2013

The first day brought not only a new school year, but new schools and new friends in a new town for these kiddos. Anna Katherine-11th grade, Ben-4th grade, Walt-1st grade Anna Katherine drove herself to school.  She just got her license in April, so this is the first school year that she’s been able to […]

Meet the Teachers

Ben & Mrs. Wyman (4th grade) Ben will have three teachers this year.  He has Mrs. Wyman for homeroom, and she teaches language and writing.  He’ll change classes (just across the hall) for math, and then go right next door for reading.  And someone teaches science and social studies, but I can’t remember which one. […]

The Energizer Summer

Our summer break came to an end last week.  There for awhile, it seemed it would just keep going & going & going.  While I’m grateful we had a full month together to settle in our new place before establishing schedules, that final week seemed to drag.  When I looked back at the calendar, I […]