Christmas Time

As always, the month of December was full of Christmas activities and events.  Since I’m catching up on the blog and actually posting this in May, I think I’ll just add a bunch of photos and let most of them speak for themselves.  I’ll add a few comments as needed.


 Visting Santa



Sadly, Ben’s photo wasn’t as clear.  I took them at separate times.  Walt was in the middle of the day and Ben at night.  Don’t know if that made a difference or just our luck!?









 Walt getting into the Christmas spirit while having his morning biscuit.


Decorating cookies…look closely at the plates below and you’ll know which child decorated which cookies.  Progression of artistic ability.  (And one happens to believe you can never have enough icing.)








Anna Katherine, Reagan, and Avery sang at our church’s annual  “Family Night at Christmas.”  We all sang together with Pop a couple of years ago, and he announced that he was privileged to be singing with “Pop’s princesses.”  This year the princesses dedicated their performance to their Pop.



Ben’s class party



Walt’s class party

We celebrated the 40th birthday of my sweet friend, Julia, mid-December.  Since she believed she was far too “great with child” to handle a girls’ night out, Bess and Nat hosted a couples’ dinner in their home.



Julia and Tony






The kids and I drove around town one night looking at lights.  We decided this house was our favorite.  Looks like a picture on a Christmas card.


Dad’s stone was placed on his grave during late fall.  We placed a wreath at the cemetery in December, knowing how much Pop loved the Christmas season.





This Christmas was very different.  Yet it was good.  I know now why people dread the first year after losing someone they love.  Every holiday or family gathering reveals a noticeable void.  But I’m so thankful Dad left us many happy memories and a legacy of faith.  He reminded us constantly during his last days on this earth what it means to be faithful regardless the circumstance.  He reminded us that life is about loving Jesus and loving others.

On this sunny, crisp December morning, as we visited the cemetery with Walt smiling in anticipation of Christmas, a school in Connecticut was experiencing one of the most horrific tragedies.  And we all watched tearfully, clung tighter to our children, and again were reminded that our faith is what sustains us.  And loving Jesus and others really IS all that matters.

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