Fabulous Forty & the Flu

I was able to make a quick trip back home during mid-December to celebrate Bess’s 40th birthday with the girls.  Sadly I didn’t take any quality photos, but among the five of us, we did get a few of pics on our phones.



Brandi is the official party planner, and she did a fabulous job on the t-shirts.  I don’t have a close-up, but the photo on the front is Bess in a Reed’s ad circa 1987-ish.  Total diva.

We surprised her with a girls’ overnight getaway to Oxford.  We knew December would be a difficult month to get away, but Oxford was the perfect location.  Not too far from home, yet such a great spot for shopping and eating.  Not to mention we had a really nice condo to stay in.  (Thanks sweet friends!)  Some of the husbands were able to join us for dinner that evening.  (Shannon stayed in Texas to keep our kids, and Gentry had to be away that weekend for a business trip.)

The following photo isn’t the best quality due to poor lighting, but I think it’s obvious from the smiles on our faces that we all love being together.  I miss these folks like crazy.  Sweet bunch of friends!

IMG_1173 IMG_1126Happy 40th, Bess!!  So thankful for your friendship and glad you are now joining the rest of us as we settle into mid-life. 🙂  Shea is next!


I spent a couple of days at Mom’s before returning to Texas.  On Sunday, the day before I was scheduled to fly back home, Shannon called to tell me Walt was running a little fever and wanting to lay in the bed.  I knew it was one of two things.  Strep or the flu.  He doesn’t get sick often, but if he or either of the other two have fever, you can count on it being something significant.  (Last time Ben had fever, it was flu.  And the time before that, he hit the jackpot…strep AND mono.)

So I called the pediatrician’s office first thing Monday before heading to the airport and scheduled Walt’s appointment.  Shannon sent me a text just before noon to let me know Walt had Type A flu.  And, yes, we all got the flu vaccine back in October.  Same scenario last year when Ben got the flu.  The flu tends to somehow beat the vaccine.  Fortunately, no one else in the family got it.  I made it home in time to spend the next couple of days hanging out with the little guy until he was fever-free for 24 hours and could return to school.  In the meantime, he was the happiest sick kid I’ve ever been around.

Since he was in no mood to rest and needed something to keep him busy, we did Christmas crafts.  Walt loves a craft more than anybody.  And he was also missing several activities at school, including building their miniature gingerbread houses.  He also had to miss the first grade Christmas program, which upset me more than him.








Every little boy knows a gingerbread house isn’t complete without a Si bobble head nearby.  They compliment each other nicely.




And just in case we didn’t have enough entertainment inside, the developer in our neighborhood decided to put in a new water pipe outside.  The water pipe will run through the entire neighborhood, but they chose our house and our next door neighbor’s house first.  Because there’s nothing merrier during the week before Christmas than a digger in your front yard.  Best of all, the following week, while the kids were out of school, the men were STILL working, and we had lots and lots of red dirt coming into our house on little boys’ shoes and jeans.  It was great entertainment.